The well-thought out SPLA solution

The OC SPLA Manager consists of three components which ensure
that your SPLA usage reports are always correct and are generated to save time.

About the OC SPLA Manager

SPLA usage reporting is complex because it requires the Hosting Service Provider (HSP) to have very effective processes and procedures for software licensing management, great control over the hardware inventory and an updated and clear idea of what the end customers are using. All this potentially changing on a month to month basis. This is clearly not easy even when you have a small number of clients, but imagine an HSP with hundreds or even thousands of customers . There is no way such large HSPs can do the work without automated tools. And for the smaller HSPs, it is better to get started now, so that as you grow, you have it under control.

Tested & Assessed

The OC SPLA Intelligence passed KPMG SPLA Reporting Software Assessment (version 2.x) in 2016. It is proven to work effectively in complex environments with large variety of SPLA products.

A streamlined, simplified SPLA ecosystem with three powerful components

OC Scanner

OC Reporter

OC Intelligence

OC SPLA Scanner

The OC Scanner is the foremost component of the OC SPLA Manager and lays the groundwork for what follows.

The OC Scanner pinpoints physical servers and VMs, Windows Servers, SQL Servers and System Centers, as well as SAL Products.

The agentless, network inventory application automates the identification of the various IT (Software and Hardware) products used each month throughout a client’s entire infrastructure.

It can work in agent-less, agent-based and hybrid modes, concurrently.

OC SPLA Reporter

The OC Reporter is an infrastructure management and report generation application.

It generates SPLA usage reports and is the user interface for license management.

Such detailed reporting enables quick establishment of a detailed audit trail if necessary.

Reports can be prepared from a variety of perspectives, i.e. infrastructure, inventory, individual end-customer.

OC SPLA Intelligence

The OC SPLA Intelligence is a cloud service managed and monthly updated by Octopus Cloud in collaboration with software vendors, audit firms and our community.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for SPLA use rights calculation and optimization.

SPLA licensing rules automatically brought into compliance with SPUR.

Compares licensing options per application, i.e. standard vs. datacenter / enterprise, user vs. core, virtual vs. physical.

Optimizes licensing costs by defining best TCO calculation.

SPLA costs per customer incl. internal usage.

Analyzes and provides alerts to compliance lapses.

Audited and assessed by KPMG (version 2.x).

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